Shambrica Bithiah (Washington)

Shambrica Bithiah (Washington): A name that resonates with creativity, luxury, and innovation in the world of children’s fashion. Born in Ferriday, Louisiana, Shambrica’s journey from a young girl fascinated by style to a renowned fashion designer and creative director is nothing short of inspiring.

As the owner of Tiny Toes and Tiaras, a 100% Black-owned upscale online children’s boutique, Shambrica has redefined the concept of baby luxury. Her vision extends beyond adorable clothing; she believes that fashionable baby items should transcend mere garments. And so, she introduces the Nestie, a handmade couture sleeper that revolutionizes how babies rest and slumber.

The Nestie isn’t just a crib or bassinet—it’s a multifunctional masterpiece. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it seamlessly transitions from sleep time to nap time, tummy time, co-sleeping, and even floor play. Babies cocooned in the Nestie don’t just sleep; they do so in style.

Here’s what makes the Nestie special:

Each Nestie is made-to-order, allowing parents to choose from an array of colors or opt for pre-designed fabric patterns. Whether it’s soft pastels or vibrant hues, the Nestie reflects individual preferences.

The Nestie is as versatile as it is beautiful. It’s reversible, ensuring that it complements any nursery decor. Plus, the delicate lace trim adds an elegant touch.

Because every detail matters, the Nestie comes with adorable decorative pillows. These little accents enhance both aesthetics and comfort.

Nestie Luxury Baby (formerly Tiny Toes and Tiaras) isn’t just about sleepers; it’s a treasure trove of children’s clothing, accessories, and gifts. Established in 2011, this boutique combines impeccable customer service with prompt and reasonably priced shipping. Families worldwide trust Tiny Toes and Tiaras for their children’s needs.

And let’s not forget the bespoke furniture designs! From luxury nurseries to custom children’s furniture, Shambrica’s creations are unparalleled. Functionality, luxury, and safety converge in every piece.

So, next time you think of baby fashion, remember that it’s not limited to clothes alone. Thanks to Shambrica Washington and her Nestie, babies can slumber in elegance, wrapped in creativity and love.

Note: The Nestie will be officially unveiled at the Children’s Club tradeshow in early August, alongside prestigious names like Barney’s New York and Neiman. 🌟