Shambrica Bithiah (Washington), the founder of Piccoli Couture, has made significant strides in the fashion industry. Her journey reflects a passion for creativity and a commitment to excellence. Let’s delve into her accomplishments:

  1. Fashionable Baby Items: Shambrica believes that baby items should extend beyond clothing. As the owner of Nesite Luxury Baby (formerly Tiny Toes and Tiaras), she introduced the Nestie, a luxurious baby sleeper, revolutionizing the world of baby goods. Quality and style are at the forefront of her designs.

  2. Custom Furniture Designs: Nestie Luxury Baby offers custom furniture designs for children’s spaces, including award-winning luxury nurseries. The intricate details on their furniture and bespoke bedding are unparalleled, emphasizing functionality, luxury, and safety.

  3. Forbes Next 1000: Shambrica’s consistent rise in the industry earned her a spot on the prestigious Forbes Next 1000 list. Her dedication to fashion and creative expertise has garnered recognition and respect from her peers and major fashion brands. From designing baby sleepers to creating stunning clothing pieces, Shambrica Washington-Damus continues to make her mark as one of the best in the business.